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   The Fully Disclosed PBM™ - It's in the Contract

One Source of Revenue

We work for our clients, no-one else - It's in the Contract

100% Pass Through Drug Pricing

No spread pricing. You pay what we pay - It's in the Contract

100% Pass Through Rebates

No rebates held back. You get what we get - It's in the Contract

One Admin Fee

No confusing fees or shell games - It's in the Contract


Enhanced Specialty Cost Control

Specialty drugs approximate 45% of plan spend, though only 1-2% of members take specialty drugs. Applications with the FDA for new specialty drugs are increasing at a rapid pace. Is your specialty drug spend spiraling out of control?

Our specialty programs allow us to provide deep discounts for your plan, up to 75% per fill, while also reducing your members' copay spend. This means that you can offer fantastic benefits to remain competitive in your recruiting efforts, but still have the peace of mind that the cost to your plan and your members won't break the bank. In fact, under these programs, the member's copay is typically zero, while the plan saves up to 75%!

Agile Channel Management

Our proprietary programs allow us to direct medications through the best channel before they hit your plan spend, delivering maximum savings to the client and optimal access for your members. By leveraging all available channels, we ensure that your plan never pays a penny more than it needs to while still delivering the medications your members need. The right medication, for the right cost, at the right time, every time.

   Prescription Navigators

Prescription Navigators coordinate remarkable care with one thing in mind - giving your members the best experience possible when they are already dealing with a difficult diagnosis.

   Clinical Managment

  MedPharma Management

  Generic Incentive Program

  Step Therapy Program

  Therapeutic Alternatives

  Starter Dose Therapy

  OTC Therapy Incentive

 Compounding Network

  Diabetic Program

   Dedicated Account Management

You will have a Dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through a seamless implementation and oversee your plan performance. Your Account Manager is empowered to resolve any issues as they arise.

   Analytics and Reporting

We take the guesswork out of your Rx plan spend. Our analytics team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure you always have the most up-to-date and relevant information.

   Any Mobile Device Connectivity

Our responsive website eliminates the need for your members to download an application. Just go to and log in.

   DisclosedRx is here to help.

If you answer no to any of these questions, or you don't know the answer, don't worry. DRX is here to help.
Call us at +1 888-589-3340, and we can give you the peace of mind that comes from working with a Fully Disclosed PBM™

Does your PBM contract state their sole source of revenue is their clients?

Do you have visibility of any revenue your PBM may obtain through other sources because you are their client?

Does your PBM contract state all pricing is 100% pass-through?

Does your PBM contract state all rebates are 100% returned to you?

Does your PBM contract state all supply chain credits are 100% returned to you?

Has your PBM eliminated the use of language similar to "net of admin fees" anywhere in their contract?

Does your PBM contract state they will forgo additional rebates in order to manage your formulary to give you the best access to generics?

Does your PBM contract state they will never price generics as brands?

Does your PBM have a single admin fee?

Are you aware of any conflicts of interest your PBM has, such as owning a mail-order or specialty pharmacy?

Does your PBM contract state your PBM and any related individual or entity does not own or have interest in a mail-order or specialty pharmacy?

Do you know who owns your PBM? Does that owner or entity have any conflicting interests?