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Please find resources for prescribing physicians, including our formulary lists and prior authorization forms, in the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a formulary?

    A formulary is a list of medications chosen by a committee comprised of physicians and pharmacists. The committee periodically reviews prescription medications and, using strict criteria such as safety and efficacy, determines whether the drug should be considered for the formulary list.

  • The best way to take advantage of the Formulary program is by consulting with your physician. You can provide your physician with a printed copy of the Formulary that he or she may consult when prescribing medications to ensure that you get the most benefit from your formulary plan.

    If your physician prescribes a non-Formulary drug, your pharmacist may be aware of Formulary dispensing opportunities at the time your prescription is being filled. Your pharmacist has the option to consult with your physician about changing the prescription to the preferred medication. If the physician cannot be reached or does not approve the Formulary alternative, the pharmacist dispenses the prescription as originally written.

  • Generic drugs are cost effective alternatives to brand medications. Choosing a generic product will usually result in lower co-pays. Ask your physician to authorize generic substitution whenever a generic equivalent is available.

  • This is a partial formulary listing of the most commonly prescribed drugs with the categories listed. If your drug is not listed it may well be that:

    1. Your drug is generic and, as all generics are considered Formulary, may be covered by your plan.
    2. Your drug is not a Formulary medication and is either not covered or may be available at the highest co-pay.
    3. Your drug is not listed but may be covered.